CMM Programmer

Axis Engineering, a division of L&W Group, is seeking a skilled CMM Programmer to join our team. This programmer will support the engineering, tooling, integration, and quality groups with measurements of stampings, assemblies, and fixtures using both fixed CMM and portable CMM (articulating arm) technologies.
The following job/task functions have been identified as the core functions of this position. However, the supervisor or manager may assign additional duties associated with this position.
Retrieve CAD model(s), customer drawings, and specifications from database.
Write CMM program using PC-DMIS Software.
Set-up and "run" previously written CMM programs collecting data and generating reports necessary to: support customer layout requirements, to prove process capability, and prove gage repeatability.
Set-up and "run" portable CMM to collect data and report findings using laser scan and/or touch probe.
Communicate needs to engineering group such as material thickness and position.
Collect and analyze data and advise necessary personnel of discrepancies.
Prepare reports and "road-maps" in required formats.
Required Skills:
Thorough understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.
Experience using PC-DMIS software.
Comprehensive understanding of alignments and vectors.
Ability to work effectively with numerous departments.
Ability to work independently.
Experience using portable CMM. Both hard probe and laser scan technologies (Skill not required but preferred).
Ability to align "point clouds" (the data collected with articulating arm) to CAD models and export color maps using Polyworks software (Skill not required but preferred).
Experience using Calypso software (Skill not required but preferred).
Responsible for reading and understanding the TS16949 and ISO-14001 procedures located at K:/winapps/data/TS Team/Procedures.
Ability to work with the following software packages or programs:
PC-DMIS at a beginning level.
DataPage at a beginning level.
Polyworks at a beginning level.
Microsoft Office at a beginning level.
Effective email and electronic communication skills are required.
Ability to work with the following data base programs and/or hardware:
MQ1 database at a basic level.
Ability to work with the following tools:
Micrometers, calipers, scales, height gage, jo-blocks, and gage pins.

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